Tattoo Aftercare

The first 2 weeks are very important so you must follow these steps!

1. Remove dressing after 1 – 2 hours.

2. Wash gently with warm water and mild soap using your hands. Than pat dry gently.

3. Apply a small amount of BEPANTHEN cream or other recommended tattoo aftercare cream and massage gently into skin. SKIN SHOULD BE MOIST NOT GREASY!

4. Wash and apply cream twice daily, for 2 weeks or until fully healed.

NO soaking in baths or swimming pools.

NO swimming in the ocean.

DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo while healing. Picking the scabs will damage your tattoo!

DO NOT get sunburned or apply sunscreen or anything other than the recommended after care cream.

If your tattoo get stuck to your clothing, soak clothing until it comes free from your tattoo, DO NOT use force to remove it!

Tattoo will heal in approx 2 weeks. enjoy.

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