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A well-established artist in our tattoo family, Pete has 20 years of tattoo experience behind him. A story best told by the man himself, Pete has been an artist all his life, developing a love for body art in young adult hood. His career as an artist includes exhibitions with renowned Australian artist Pro Hart, painting, leather work, fantastic model diorama’s and even bonsai modelling. Pete joined us 3 years ago after owning his own studio in Melbourne. He now tattoos a solid 6 days a week from our Exit 79 Tattoo Studio in Mudgeeraba. When asked what tattoo style he enjoys the most, Pete replies that he loves a good picture. So, jump on a printer and get that picture on paper, then come on down to Exit 79 for a chat!

Lindel (Harro)

Lindel is a senior artist from Exit 79 Tattoo studio and a founding staff member, being with the studio since its opening, an impressive 12 years ago! Lindel is a talented and passionate tattoo artist that exhibits creativity that never sleeps. She tinkers with all sorts of art. Tattooing, drawing and painting are just scratching the surface. If you sneak a look at Lindel’s Insta you’ll learn that she’s a crazy cat lady and an all-round animal lover, you’ll also find an incredible collection of horror, gothic art and acrylic paintings. Her favourite tattoo style ranges from fine detailed designs, through to grey wash, line work and colour.


The veteran himself. 28 years tattooing. Jaff has taught over 26 apprentices and is proud to say that 6 of his artists now own their own studios. His career as a studio owner begun in 2002 with his first business, Tattoo Paradise in Palm Beach. He’s now an award-winning and respected artist and owns four very successful tattoo and body piercing studios along the sunny gold coast. You can catch Jaff in any of his four gold coast studios regularly and after almost three decades of tattooing, he still takes new clients. Call 13000 TATTOO or click the Book Now button to secure an appointment.



Mark joined the Kustomline Gold Coast Tattoo artists in November 2019 and has come from his own studio in Perth, Western Australia. He’s a versatile tattoo artist with over 16 years’ experience. Mark prides himself on the ability to execute a good cover up tattoo but is also highly skilled in all types of tattooing. We are yet to see an existing tattoo that Mark cannot fix or cover up. He enjoys solid colour pieces, traditional Celtic styles, including the challenge of knot work designs. He executes solid black well and is backed by an impressive portfolio of black and grey sleeve work. After a skull or a reaper? Marks your man.


Sean is based in our busy Kustomline Tattoo studio. His love for art and drawing begun as a kid when he discovered graffiti art. Continuing his passion, Sean furthered his education in the field completing a degree in classical animation (2d Disney) and graphic design. After four years of furthering his studies, Sean was opened to the world of tattooing through Instagram and quickly developed a drive to become a tattooist. With Jaff as a mentor, Sean begun tattooing at the original Kustomline studio in Broadbeach two years ago and quickly developed a love for custom script and black and grey portraits. Relatively new to the industry, Irish born Sean continues to broaden his skills not only with a machine but in pencil too. Topping his favourite style of art is black and grey life drawings by pencil.
Zac Profile Photo


We welcomed Zac to the team upon the opening of our new Tattoo Paradise studio in December 2019. Zac is a senior tattoo artist with 7 years tattoo experience. Most known for his graffiti art and mural work, Zac also paints in his down time producing impressive water colour and oil paintings on canvas. He begun tattooing as a teenager and with an exceptional amount of experience under his belt for a young artist, he now excels in calligraphy, lettering and custom script as well as black and grey realism. Zac also enjoys tattooing Japanese and neo traditional designs.
Corey Profile Photo


Our newest tattooist to join the Tattoo Gold Coast team, Junior artist Corey is currently situated in our shiny new Tattoo Paradise studio in Surfers Paradise. Corey’s love for art begun with drawing in high school. He broadened his artistic abilities with metal, manual arts and fabrication. Whilst learning to tattoo, Corey mastered the articulate art of body piercing as well as the day to day running of three of our studios. He also learnt that expressing art on skin made people happy and that’s where the passion begun. After four years of practising, using himself as the canvas, he’s now ready to get started as a tattooist. Whilst he will be under the wing of a mentor, this kid is passionate and ready to go! Most enjoys black and grey work, mandalas and florals.

Jonny – Gold Coast Tattoo Artist

Jonny Ranger! Located over at Anchorz Ink tattoo studio in Coolangatta. Jonny specializes in traditional tattoos, a style that has developed over time but is still true to its roots. This style exhibits bold outlines and simple colour palettes done well. Whilst Jonny has a passion for traditional tattoo’s, he is a multi-disciplinary artist, creating illustrative dark surrealist type artwork. Jonny has been drawing since he was in high school and is also a musician. He has a strong background in graphic design and spends his down time on fine art paintings. You can find Jonny building his clientele and regularly handling walk in’s 5 days a week over at Anchorz Ink Tattoo Studio.

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